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We believe in people and change!

Balance is a young, experienced and highly professional consultancy firm operating in the Dutch Caribbean, based on Curaçao. Developing organizations and people performance towards the next level.

We offer our clients a broad range of services, including strategy and policy development, organizational (re)design, HRM, assessment and recruitment. Possessing a personal and straightforward style, our advisory team is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the different cultures within the Dutch Caribbean. 

We focus on development, recruitment and change management. With a thorough insight of what drives people and organizations, we create a new professional environment where people can deliver the best results.



13 February 2023
The new intern at Balance Recruitment, Lara, introduces herself.
14 July 2021
We've compiled a few tips to help you have good job interview!
17 June 2021
In het prachtige Landhuis Zuikertuintje is er een kantoorruimte vrij!
26 May 2021
Onboarding offers the chance to make a good first impression and get the new employees on track with a perfect employee onboarding program. Recruiters…