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We believe in people and change!

Balance is a young, experienced and highly professional consultancy firm operating in the Dutch Caribbean, based on Curaçao. Developing organizations and people performance towards the next level.

We offer our clients a broad range of services, including strategy and policy development, organizational (re)design, HRM, assessment and recruitment. Possessing a personal and straightforward style, our advisory team is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the different cultures within the Dutch Caribbean. 

We focus on development, recruitment and change management. With a thorough insight of what drives people and organizations, we create a new professional environment where people can deliver the best results.



19 January 2021
We invite you to an online event (free of charge) where we will illustrate, using your own personal Management Drives profile and results, how you can…
11 January 2021
Why is your employee considering to take your competitors vacancy? To be frank, there can be a million and one reasons on why that is. However, as an …
04 January 2021
Recruitment Tech houdt jaarlijks het Recruitment Tech Event dat kijkt naar de beste recruitment tools van het jaar. In 2020 waren Recruit Robin en Ind…
14 December 2020
The world has in the recent years addressed hiring biases for employers fiercely and with good cause. Organizations have followed as well to ensure un…