Careful selection of new employees is essential. However, structural development of your team is the key to the success of your organization. By consciously investing in your people, you create sustainable motivation and productivity.

Balance assessments will help you to make a well-considered decision. Whether it is about filling in a position or developing the right potential in the organization.

The following principles are the basis for our approach:

  •  Creating insight. An assessment is a tool to provide insight into the strengths, potential and development areas of a candidate. We use a variety of assessment instruments so that the required behavioral competencies and skills are tested in various ways;
  • Focus on individual strengths. During the entire assessment, the emphasis is on the strength of the candidate. Naturally, attention is paid to the development points of a candidate, but we believe that successful personal development runs through the strengths and talents;
  • Hold up a realistic mirror. Personal drives and ambitions play a major role in the development of individual capacities and potential. It is often just a matter of making those motives and ambitions clear and put them into perspective. An assessment serves as a mirror to give the candidate objective feedback. Of course, in a constructive way;
  • Key focus for further development. The results of the assessment are displayed in a report. This will also explicitly discuss the development possibilities, the preconditions for success and the development steps that can be taken to get the candidate where he / she wants to go.


Our assessments will contribute substantially to the process of making the right decision. It is not only important to know what kind of professional expertise the candidate has. It is also crucial to know how this knowledge will be put in to practice. Either aimed at hiring the best fit for an open position or develop teams or team members to their full potential. It helps realigning responsibilities, so the different team members use their different skill sets in the most effective way as a team. Clear and effective for the organization and the candidates.

 It is our pleasure to contribute to this!