Management Drives Caribbean

Introduction Day

You are invited to the first Management Drives Caribbean event in which Balance Assessment & Organizational Development will introduce you to the wonders of Management Drives.

This online event will encompas the basics of what Management Drives is all about, organizational development through knowing one's own leadership style: What drives you? What character traits do you reject? What drains your energy? Who do you become under pressure?

With your outcomes of the Management Drives test, you will not only recognize yourself and your personality but also create a deeper understanding of why you show preference towards particular leadership styles, something for your own personal development.

However, we will not stop there. We will show you the basics of how you can use your leadership styles and that of your team to increase efficiency, cooperation and organizational development.


Thus we wish to give you the following Management Drives insights for free:

  • A free personal Managment Drives profile
  • The basics of Leadership Styles
  • Organizational Development through Management Drives


If you wish to participate in this exclusive Online introduction day, on Wednesday the 10th of February 2021 in the morning from 9.00 – 10.30 (Caribbean time), please click on the button below and we will be in contact with you about the availability.

Deadline to apply for participation closes the 3rd of February.

Be aware, limited seats available.


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