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We want our team to add value to you!

The Balance Recruitment Team consists of professional and experienced recruitment consultants with expertise in all sectors of our community. In addition to building and maintaining relationships with clients in both the private and public sector, we have also specialized in the successful matching of executive professionals with ambitious organizations.

Our team has extensive experience in project management of large-scale recruitment processes. We have a broad knowledge of the local and regional labor market. Combined with our creative and goal-oriented approach this enables us to guide complex projects towards a successful result.

Quirine Lisman













Quirine Lisman studied Chemical Engineering at Delft University of Technology. She holds a PhD in Cell Biology and Histology at the University of Amsterdam. She worked for more than 12 years for DSM (Dutch multinational) in several management positions, her latest job being Strategic Resource Manager of a division (>100 fte) within the DSM Biotechnology Center. 

In 2018, Quirine moved to Curaçao and joined Balance as Manager Recruitment. She has extensive experience in change management, process optimization, cost management, career development, and strategic analysis/project management.

Quirine is focused on order and certainty. She demands and gives loyalty and sets a good example. Quirine makes things applicable, looks for results and the way things can get done. 


Sidjornia Armantrading











 Sidjornia can be described as an outgoing person who loves to laugh. Planning and organizing are two key elements in her life. She is dedicated to her job, has empathy, and gives her all to help one another. During the years she learned to focus on a solution instead of the problem, this way you don’t lose time instead you gain experience and knowledge. Being kind and smiling every day are the two ingredients to a happy life.


Tahira de Wind











Tahira de Wind, a young HR professional. HR is my great passion. In recent years I have developed into an all-around HR professional. I feel at home in a role in which I help employees and managers, support and advise in the field of HR, in the broadest sense of the word. I am a hard worker who does best with a lot of enthusiasm, positivity, and the necessary humor out of the day.