Organizational Development

The Management Drives show which parts of the organizational development naturally receive more or less attention. Each colour stands for a step in the development of your organisation. All the steps in the organizational development are important. The phase in which an organisation finds itself and the context determine where more or less attention should be given.

However, the individual and team profiles determine where the natural attention is focused. This insight means that conscious attention can be devoted to each step in the organizational development, based on the interests of the organization.


Step 1, Purple Yellow: Mission and vision relates to who we are and where we are going. Identity, core values and being proud are expressly linked to the purple drive. Vision, long-term developments, the environment and the broader perspective expressly belong to yellow;

Step 2, Orange Red: Strategy and focus, translates mission and vision into concrete strategy and goals to be achieved. We must determine the risks and what we will and will not do. Making choices, focusing;

Step 3, Blue Green: Organize and communicate, concerns determining the working method in which we will achieve the formulated goals, what agreements will be made for this and how we ensure that people are and remain connected.