Interview tips

14 July 2021

We've compiled  a few tips to help you have good job interview!

In these challenging times it is increasingly difficult to find and qualify for good job.

How do you ensure that you make a good impression during a job interview? Here a few tips that can help you get through it with flying colors.

Immerse yourself in the company!

Make sure you read up in advance and gather as much information as possible. Be informed of the latest developments. In addition, do your research by, for example, visiting the website, social media pages or advertisements such as folders, posters, etc. You can show that you have done your best and that you really want the job.

Prepare further

In addition to delving into the company, you can do more to prepare yourself properly. Think of questions in advance that you want to ask, maybe you want to know more about the work, or you want more information about the organization (which you could not find on the internet or other expressions). Finally, you can think about what to take with you. For example, a notepad, agenda, your resume.

Dress appropriately

Think about your choice of clothing. Your first impression is very important. So, make sure you look decent and dress appropriately. Here too the preliminary research is useful, is it a formal or informal company? Be on time, this also adds to your first impression and gives the company a kind of preview of what they can expect from you in case. Make sure you arrive on time, fifteen to ten minutes in advance is a good idea. If you are running late, it’s good to let the person you are meeting with know in advance.

Watch your attitude

Your attitude is also an important part of your job interview. Be calm but appear interested. Create an open attitude and make sure you make eye contact, look at the person when he or she asks a question. Sit up straight in your chair and try to keep your hands calm on your lap for example.
Don't forget the power of a smile. Listen carefully and show interest actively, nodding every now and then as a confirmation that you are following the other person and understanding. If necessary, make notes of important points that you want to ask a question about after an explanation. For example, ask questions about the vacancy, the content of the work, whether there are training opportunities, what the work culture is like within the organization, etc.

Ask about the follow-up procedure

Finally, at the end of the conversation, take a moment to see if you have all the information you wanted in advance and if you have any questions. For example, if you have not yet been informed about the procedure following the interview, this would be the perfect time to ask. This is also a form of showing interest and enthusiasm.

 We hope to have given you some valuable tips to help you with your next interview. Remember that we are all human and we all make mistakes, including the person that is interviewing you. It is of importance that you be yourself!