Why is your employee considering to leave you?

11 January 2021

Why is your employee considering to take your competitors vacancy? To be frank, there can be a million and one reasons on why that is. However, as an employeer, it is your job to find out what those reasons might be and respond to them in a way that lets your employees know that you do want them to stay at your firm. And to help you along your route of discovery, we have drafted up a list of the 6 most common reasons:


Market changes

Due to the fact that your business is operating in a competitive environment, your employees will also be affected by any market changes ongoing. He or she might even consider to go to a firm that presents stronger employee certainty. Therefore, it is more than wise to inform your employees about gains and losses in total market share and how that will affect them in their work. This evokes mutual trust which will, in turn, support incentive for employees to not only stay at your company, instead of going to a competitor, but also influence their feeling of participation, which increases productivity.



your employee has a strong need for a fast forward in his/her professional career. They want to strive at your firm, but they do not feel like it possesses enough room for another roof raiser and might think about that competitor that just opened up a function that sound interesting. Thus, as an employer, you need to be aware of what an employee’s goals might be and cater those accordingly.



We all seek to broaden our skills, qualifications, and scope at some time in our career, if not on a daily basis. Your employee will at some point want to do the same but he or she might not think it is possible at your firm, plus you need your employee for the vital tasks they are already performing. To ensure the possibility of professional development for your employee, consider taking a risk with them. As an example, use Procter & Gamble’s intern/junior strategy, that consisted of making employees switch departments so that they would become a P&G all-rounder.


Salary Raises

A question not uncommon for an employer the hear, but nonetheless important to answer the right way. If a raise is out of the question, advice your employee on why that is. Consequently, have a discussion about what could make that happen in the future. This way your employee knows what he/she can improve and you know that your employee is driven enough to work for that raise. Though remember that in the end, if your employee’s work does improve, you must put your money where your mouth is.



Employees perform best when they feel like they are a part of their company. One of the reasons why executives obtain company shares as remuneration, is because it is the most effective method for personally involving an employee. However, since you cannot give all employees company shares, there are many other methods for giving incentive to employees to put their heart into an organization. Just remember to give them the right amount of authority and responsibility.


A better deal

Your employee has gotten another job offer and has decided to take it. Mind that even though your employee has shown to have made up their mind about this decision, they are still reluctant to stay. Thus, find out what they are missing at your company and if you can top that other deal. If they decide to stay at your firm, remember that loyalty should be rewarded.


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