We are welcoming a new team member! Timothy Vanblarcum

05 March 2021

About a month ago I started my internship at Balance recruitment, and it has been a really fun experience so far. As a Small Business & Retail management student it has been an eye opener to work in such a small yet quality rich team. So far, I have been given the opportunity to work rather independently and to become acquainted with the recruitment and selection process.

The team welcomed me with open arms and are noticeably enthusiastic about the work that they do. They are also excited to see what I bring to the table and what I can offer to further better the overall quality of service. Everyday has been a learning experience so far, from the smallest detail to the bigger tasks.

Balance values personal growth and truly shows it, not just through their service, but also in the way the team works together. Furthermore, it has been interesting to see different candidates and profiles, and their career path and knowledge. I look forward to the upcoming months, as well as meeting you, the client or candidate. I hope to be of true value to the Balance organization!